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Why The Hair & Beauty Directory?

Once a luxury, this diverse and essential industry has gone through a transformation and is now becoming part of our daily life.

With this comes a time of change and often instability as we all figure out how to adapt to this huge drive in treatments and information.

We have seen a vast increase in the kinds of services available and anything now seems achievable, but it also comes with its difficulties as we navigate who to trust and what treatments to choose.

This website has been set up to help the client and the professionals come together and create a transparent platform where social media is not the leading force behind choosing a professional or product

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What are people saying?

The Hair & Beauty Directory is a much needed resource within our industry and I personally applaud Helen for all the relentless hours working tirelessly to get this unique website off the ground!

It’s innovative mini websites are the perfect way for professionals to proudly show off their qualifications to potential clients who may be too embarrassed to ask for proof of training.
With the impending regulation of the advanced beauty/aesthetics industry it will be vital to have a minimum of OFQUAL level 4 so having a platform for the public to compare & contrast quals, experience, products, treatments & location is an absolute dream!
For those discerning customers, Google searches and all the wasted time spent trawling through websites to find (or not) relevant info, will definitely become a thing of the past!
Kirsten Steward
I'm am so excited for this new platform. I have seen the hair and beauty directory develop starting with a spark of an idea in Helens head during lockdown, to a truly professional product much needed in our industry.

No get rich quick schemes advertised here, just honest industry specialists able to use this platform to show professionalism and learn from each other. For far too long the elite big companies that have the money and resources have had the biggest say. Here there is a place for all and is the most inclusive directory out there.

This will be a huge bonus for our paying public, a way to find qualified and insured professionals.

As a educator and working therapist I am inspired by the content and can't wait to see how this develops further.
Kirsten Steward

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