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Welcome to the hair and beauty directory a unique and new way to look at the industry.

Once a luxury, this diverse, essential industry has gone through a transformation, now becoming part of our daily life.

With this comes a time of change and often instability as we all figure out how to adapt to this huge drive-in treatments and information.

We have seen a vast increase in the kinds services available and anything now seems achievable, but it also comes with its difficulties as we navigate who and what to choose.

This website has been set up to help the client and the professionals come together and create a transparent platform where social media is not the leading force behind choosing a professional or product.

How we can do this – for you the client

  • Options – a wide range of professionals to choose from
  • Transparency – all salons on our site must show their credentials so you can make informed choices
  • We help you with tips on how to find suitable professionals
  • Educational articles to encourage you to expect more and find those that can achieve this
  • A place the client can have their voice on a global level to tell us what you want from our industry
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How can we do this – the professional

  • Education, education, education! We have a global network of professionals who specialise in key subjects and want to share this with you to create the change needed in our industry
  • A place to be proud about your qualifications, experiences and achievements and shout about it
  • A search facility to locate exactly what you want without having to rely on social media to tell you
  • A place for the right clients to find you
  • A platform for you to be found by your peers
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