Who We Are

It’s pretty simple, we are a website and search facility that brings together the industry into one easy to access place.

What this means for you as the client ?

You can simply search whatever service it is you are looking for and you can see who is in your area. Sounds pretty standard doesn’t it? Apart from what you will find is a full profile allowing you to pick only the true professionals. You will be able to see their certificates, insurance, reviews, examples of their work. You will also be able to see each member of their teams’ credentials, so you know exactly who’s doing your treatment.

Why this is needed?

The industry has grown at a considerable pace and its now becoming more difficult to find professionals you can trust. From beauty therapists offering treatments they aren’t trained in, to people offering injectables with products found on ebay. Personal injury claims are on the rise and far too many are working without or breaking their insurance.

How we can help?

We have created a directory of professionals and businesses for you to search. Each of these businesses must prove they are qualified to be on here. You will see copies of their certificates, insurance, risk assessments(optional), examples of their work and reviews. 

It’s a place you can really take a look at that business and not be swayed by how many likes they have, but instead by their professionalism

Things to consider:

Although we have created a space for businesses to put themselves out there, we can’t guarantee every detail, please use what is on there to make an informed choice. If they offer lash extensions for example, take a look to make sure they have a certificate on their page to back this up. Does their insurance cover everything they offer? Do they have pictures of all of the services they do?

Each Page has a flag alert, this means if you see something that doesn’t fit you can notify us, or if you visit the salon and it doesn’t match what they have on their profile you can flag it. Anyone who provides fake information or doesn’t stick to industry standards will be removed.

The website has been created to allow you to make an informed choice, but the hair and beauty directory takes no responsibility for treatments conducted. We do not employ anyone in the salons or control the treatments they do; we simply provide a place for advertisement.

For the Professionals

I believe in working together to breed positivity and change and that the key is in education. I also recognise that everyone is different and that this will be a space to celebrate individuality and embrace diversity.

I hope this is a place we can work together to gain respect for a vibrant, talented, skilled industry full of unique individuals.

Who I am and why I started this site.

My name is Helen, I have been in the industry since 1996, (link to my profile) I’m a salon owner, a trainer and have won over 30 awards.

I have become increasingly frustrated in the direction the industry is going in and currently campaigning for the UK government to make changes.

We have all these amazing advances and treatments at our fingertips now, but unfortunately in the Uk there is no legislation controlling things. The result, lots of substandard salons, an increase in personal injuries and unethical training providers producing a scary generation of “professionals” via inadequate courses.

Many training providers are also unaware that they are doing anything wrong as its difficult to stay informed. As a result, people are leaving themselves open to trade description issues.

Been a member of many forums I can see this is also a worldwide issue.

So, I decided to create a website that I would use. It is designed to help me as a salon owner, a professional, as someone searching suppliers, keeping up with events and always knowing what’s going on and bringing much needed clarity.

Membership Features

To join the site, you we need to create a profile page, this is the about you section and will allow you to interact, apply for jobs, display your credentials and experience and much more. It will basically become your online CV

  • You can create a business profile that makes you stand out from the crowd, allowing you to proudly show all your credentials.
  • You can search for approved training providers, who must list all of their credentials and proof of their own work.
  • You can find suppliers, speakers for events, coaches, judges, staff, advertise for jobs or simply network.
  • You can use and advertise our events calendar, so you have a at a glance place to see everything important going on in the beauty world.
  • News updates so you don’t have to go searching through Facebook groups to stay informed.
  • Access to blogs and your chance to add yours and increase your profile.
  • Use our forum to ask questions.
  • Lots more features will be added once we have launched.

We are a one stop point, that’s going to change the face of the industry with many more features to be added soon

Simply sign up and create a profile page to receive all of these benefits.