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This website was created to help promote and encourage high standards within the industry and empower those committed to the same ethics.
Please note although the website is available worldwide, the advice given at present is focussed on UK guidelines. This will be updated if there is a demand outside of the uk.

Please note this site has been created for professionals only, your account won’t go live until we can verify this. You must provide proof via certificates (professionals), student confirmation letter (students) link to your website (suppliers and retailer’s)

We are aiming to create a professional place for clients to find reliable safe salons and for professionals to find each other.
Random checks will be carried out on profiles and certification etc checked.

Online courses - We do not except basic online courses for physical treatments that leads to a qualification or accredited certificate, even if approved by a accreditation company. This means if you learnt treatments via online courses you cannot advertise them as a treatment on our site.
For example, we do not consider an online course acceptable way to learn a treatment like body massage so we will not accept it for proof of certification. But we do accept skills building certificates on treatments you are already qualified in. For example, lash styling if you are already certified to do lash extensions, or balayage if you are qualified in colouring. If you are in doubt, please contact us.
The advertisement of online courses will be accepted on an individual basis, so you will need to contact us for approval before adding treatments you have learnt this way before adding them to your profile.

Current accepted online course accreditation to advertise for services or for training providers these will be approved only when we have checked how you offer the training and adequate assessment takes place.
• Henna brows
• Brow lamination
• Lash lift
• Hair extensions
Please contact us if you believe your course should be added and we will look into this. We do give approval to some additional online courses depending on course structure and delivery.

Please read and agree before joining

• The Hair and Beauty Directory takes no responsibility for the information given. We have created a transparent website to help you research but we cannot confirm all details are correct.
• The Hair and beauty directory takes no legal responsibility for copy right or any information on your profile.
• Any files that you upload will be protected by a filter, but we take no responsibility for information shared on the site.
• If for any reason you do not wish to upload a file please contact us and we will check the document and approve it on your page.
• Only advertise what you are certified to do and have the evidence to back it up, without it we will remove it.
• If you make a statement of any kind of achievement again it is required that this is evidence backed, you cannot simply put award winning without demonstrating who the award was issued by.
• All training providers must have an ofqual approved teaching qualification or working towards one to advertise courses, we don’t except accredited qualifications for this. This must also be verified before you can advertise your courses
• Trainers must also show their certificates in anything they are teaching for full transparency
• Skills building courses are allowed in any capacity as long as it is made clear in the description that the course is not a qualification or accredited.
• We approve very few online courses (with the exception of workshops and skills building) for advertisement so please contact us first for us to verify these. We will then give it a verified mark and in some cases, it will depend on the course format.
• We do not tolerate fake reviews, if you believe a review has been left is unjustified please contact us and we will step in and ask for evidence
• If anyone if is found to be spamming members you will be removed immediately, and no refunds given. You may only contact members for genuine business enquires only, we do not tolerate MLM selling of any kind. Do not approach members in any capacity to push for sales. For example, you may contact a professional if you are looking for a speaker or judge at an event but not to try and sell your product’s.
• We also do not tolerate poaching, we are here to support each other as an industry, please be respectful of that. Each member’s page will have a option to display if they are looking for work, this is the only time it is acceptable to contact them, without this you may receive a ban.
• Using services- it is up to each individual to research the services they wish to use, we provide a platform to advertise services but have no ability to check credentials. As with any other online platform please follow general protocol when it comes to sharing information, especially when involving money.

The right to refuse

This a private company and we will on occasions refuse membership and won’t be held accountable for this. If for any reason we believe you are not contributing to a positive move forward in the industry, we won’t approve or may remove you profile. We absolutely will not approve anyone without insurance, adequate certificates or training companies not providing well rounded training.

Any courses advertised as accredited must have proof of this displayed

If you advertise as been qualified or offering qualifications it must be via an awarding body. Please see our blog on accreditation vs qualifications for more information

Current approved awarding bodies:

  • City and guild VTCT

Each page has a flag feature, this means if you see something that doesn’t look right you can flag it and let us know.

We hope you enjoy our site and benefit from it as much as I hope you will.