Finding the right beauty professional

Finding the right professional

Did you know in the UK the hair and beauty industry is completely unregulated? 

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How do you find the right professional and why is it important?

What many people don’t realise is the industry is completely unregulated and, in a nutshell, 
anyone can offer any service and they don’t need any insurance. That’s an utterly terrifying 
statement, right? 
You just assume the person doing your nails, hair or even your anti-wrinkle injections are fully qualified.

In recent years the availability of courses and self-taught via YouTube tutorials has led to an influx of personal injury claims. You might still think this doesn’t concern you as you are having safe treatments such as gel polishes… think again. Unfortunately, even a simple 
treatment such a manicure can result in serious infections in the wrong hands 
So, what can you do to stay safe?
Here is our guide of what to look for 
We can’t guarantee the services of any of the service providers listed on our site, but we do provide a platform for you to be able to make informed choices.

    • Can you see examples of their work?
    • Do they have insurance. You should never have treatments with anyone who doesn’t have insurance 

Having insurance also does not mean you are covered. The therapist has to been following the conditions of their policy to be covered in the event of a claim. This is why it’s so important you consider who you have treatments with.

    • Are they fully trained? All certificates should be available to be seen 
    • How did they train? I would not recommend anyone who has done the bulk of their training online as it often isn’t backed up by insurance in the event of a claim
    • Do they give you all the information you need? A good salon will guide you through their process, giving you pre-treatment advice and home care advice
    • Did you sign a consultation form? This would show the insurance company you had been given all of the required information prior to a treatment and all measures were taken to keep you safe
    • Do they lead with offers or quality assurance? Cheaper prices can indicate lower quality products and a lack of investment back in to training and staff. 
    •  Look at reviews, what is the feel you get from them
    • Do they offer consultations so you can talk through your options before committing to buy? 
    • Do they request a patch test for colouring, lash extensions and lash lifting and brow tinting? Most insurance request this as part of their insurance policies 

Also consider the full nature of the industry

Many substandard nail bars for example are not only breaking much of the above but are also often linked to human trafficking, modern day slavery and poor working conditions. Are cheap nails really 

It’s difficult to know which professional to choose and trust, so it’s worth taking the time to do your research. It’s also worth considering if the salon environment fits your personality. 
For example, if you are wanting a spa experience, a city centre high energy salon might not 
suit you but it’s going to be perfect for someone else.
The website has been designed to give you full transparency to make the choices that fit