The Hair & Beauty Directory is home to a comprehensive directory of professionals, from home salons to spas.  All have the same thing in common, they want to offer provide high quality services with high quality products.  

So how can we get you more customers?  Creating your profile with us puts you in their direct eye sight and stops you from having to compete with google and social media algorithms.

We welcome anyone who has the same outlook as us to create a better industry and provide outstanding service, to join the directory.

Our platform is suitable for professional brands and services.

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Why The Hair & Beauty Directory?

Once a luxury, this diverse and essential industry has gone through a transformation and is now becoming part of our daily life.

With this comes a time of change and often instability as we all figure out how to adapt to this huge drive in treatments and information.

We have seen a vast increase in the kinds of services available and anything now seems achievable, but it also comes with its difficulties as we navigate who to trust and what treatments to choose.

This website has been set up to help the client and the professionals come together and create a transparent platform where social media is not the leading force behind choosing a professional or product